Remember how advertisements were like before all these social media channel existed? Yes, it was traditionally advertised through newspaper, magazines, eventually email marketing and then now social media. But until today, email marketing is still proven to be one of the most useful tool in bringing in sale because it is possible to track sales accurately from these emails.

According to Clutch, over 39% of 350 small businesses is planning increase their investment in email marketing with the biggest percentage of the marketing channel being social media. This is still considered a big number consider email marketing has been around for a long time.


The question is often, why email marketing and why is it effective when we have so many other options?

  1. Cost saving benefits.
    The traditional printing costs of flyers and other promotion tools such as Pay-per-click options or sponsored ads on facebook are considerably higher. This point is still controversial because you can put a cap on these google and facebook campaign. However, in order to reach more target market, these “caps” are usually higher than email marketing.
  2. The accountability of email marketing.
    You can track sales based on the promotional emails sent which could be used in generating Key Performance Index (KPI) of company. This can effectively measure how effective is each email or if further alteration needed to improve the performance.
  3. Maximum flexibility!
    These emails can be created in advance like even months before actually sending it out which means marketing team can always alter or even set it on “automation” mode. Easy peasy.

Stop Spamming Me

However, there are downsides as well.

  1. This is annoying!
    Some people receiving these emails do get annoyed by it and the email settings usually categorise them as spam which means the email might never reach the user if user don’t click into the spamming folder.
  2. Engagement and objective of company
    The email marketing campaign should accommodate the objective of company. If a company just want to get the attention of user regardless of their image, being “annoying” is not a bad way. But if company want to actually engage and gain a reputable image in the user’s eye, the content of these email marketing should be adjusted to fit that purpose.
  3. Is it free?
    According to Julia Forneris, sending a direct email can be free but with large numbers of subscribers can still cost money though it is usually lower cost than social media channels.  For example, MailChimp offers great services in email marketing and various packages as follow.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.48.08 am

Personally, I’m pretty happy with receiving these emails updating me about new releases or sales events because it makes me feel like part of something provided that I am interested in the brand. How about you? Spamming or not? Let me know in the comments below!